Fees and Rebates


Standard Therapy Session

Standard therapy sessions with Aaron include 50 minutes of face-to-face therapy, and 10 minutes of session administration

9am – 5pm: $220/per session

Before 9am or after 5pm: $240/per session

Double Length Therapy Sessions

Double length therapy sessions may occasionally be helpful, this will include 100 minutes of face-to-face therapy, and 20 minutes of session administration and will be charged at:

9am – 5pm: $440/per session

Before 9am or after 5pm: $480/ per session

Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive Assessments of strengths and weaknesses are conducted over timeframes and at costs that vary by the assessment needs and complexity.

Cognitive Assessments: Please contact us

ADHD/Autism Assessments

ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments (ASD) include various interviews, online questionnaires, and cognitive and executive functioning testing* (see note below).

ASD or ADHD: Please contact us

 Please note that cognitive and executive functioning testing are not requirements for a diagnosis of ADHD or ASD, however they provide a fuller understanding of the particular cognitive and executive functioning differences that are the most likely basis of the day-to-day difficulties that a neurodivergent person experiences. This may then be used to develop a more informed and effective psychological treatment plan, and so Howearth Psychology includes them in assessments, by default. Please contact Howearth Psychology if the inclusion of cognitive testing is not right for you to discuss other options and fees.

Late notice cancellation or rescheduling of appointments with less than 24 hours notice will attract a late notice cancellation fee of $120.

Failure to attend, cancellation or rescheduling of appointments after their start time may attract the a “No-Show” fee of the full appointment fee.

Appointments may not be cancelled once they are underway. Please ensure that you have read the informed consent document emailed upon making your initial appointment.


A Medicare rebate is available to clients who obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP or Psychiatrist for up to 10 sessions.

The current Medicare rebate for psychologists with general registration with Ahpra is $89.65, regardless of time of day or length of session (i.e., standard or double)

Experiencing Financial Hardship?

If you are experiencing demonstrable financial hardship that makes psychological therapy unaffordable, please discuss options with Aaron.

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